Unger, fashion jewellery of excellence made in italy: history of a milan-based company founded in 1875

Unger was founded in 1875 in Milan by two brothers hailing from Vienna who began to market writing accessories and embroidery items. The company was later acquired by Benigno Rossi who gifted it to his wife, Clotilde Silva. Unger, under the guidance of this extraordinary woman, expanded its operations and began to focus on wholesales and retail trade of elements for the production of embroidery and fashion jewellery.

In 1960 Unger was managed by Enrico Rossi, Clotilde’s son, and by Dora Rossi, Clotilde's daughter in law. And it is specifically thanks to her great business acumen and exceptional creative force that the company acquired the prominent role in the fashion jewellery market of excellence, which it still enjoys today. In the ‘80s, Enrico and Dora’s offsprings, Alessandro and Maria Pia Rossi joined the company as well.
Unger continued its unstoppable rise and in 1990 the Clotilde Silva line was born to become the company’s main brand dedicated to fashion jewellery, with a international wide retail distribution.

Unger's Clotilde Silva fashion jewellery offer items that are fresh and dynamic in style , created by Maria Pia Rossi with exceptionally high quality materials and
processed by the experienced hands of artisans. All is exclusively Made in Italy

In 2004, Unger’s historical location moved to Via Montevideo 7, in the new Design District, dedicated to innovation and fashion. The new location features offices, manufacturing workshop, showroom and retail store for embroidery items.
Unger’s fashion jewellery store opened in 1990 in Piazzale Baracca 10, the pride of the fashion house.